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Searching for Tapir and Quetzals: Part 1 Spring 2019 Costa Rica Trip

In early March, Intertwined traveled to Costa Rica to reconnect with existing partnerships and to begin forging new ones. Driving around the country for two weeks in a Toyota Yaris—snail-paced up inclines, but dependable overall—Jenna Duarte (Executive Director and Founder), Koby Wendt (Interim President), Marco Wendt (Vice President), and Armando Flores (Development Coordinator) met with… Read more »

Fundraiser Is a Win for Wildlife

    With the help of twenty-eight amazing donors, Intertwined Conservation Corporation raised $1000 as part of a fundraiser for scarlet macaw research and protection.   The fundraiser, called “Bikes for Biologists,” happened through, and the proceeds will be used to purchase four new aluminum bicycles for the Wild Macaw Association.   Founded in 2014,… Read more »