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Changing the world, one heart and mind at a time

Educating young people about the incredible wildlife and ecosystems around them is the long-lasting answer to sustainability. We believe that by igniting curiosity, empathy, and passion for wildlife, we will create conservation warriors for the future. Our education programs are the heart of our organization and the hope for real and significant change for the future.

Our Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots Wildlife Education Programs take place deep in the jungles of Costa Rica. We focus on indigenous communities where poaching of wildlife and habitat destruction are high. By educating the area youth about the importance of keeping the balance between animals, ecosystems, and humans, we hope to create a sense of empathy and knowledge to make an enduring change for wildlife while simultaneously assisting the adult community with alternative livelihoods.

We also offer Educational Wildlife presentations in San Diego County, where school, scout, and home school groups can get up close and personal with our animal ambassadors to learn about them and their wild ancestors.

Young people, when informed and empowered, when they realize what they do truly makes a difference, can indeed change the world. They are changing it already

Jane Goodall

Scarlet Macaw AR Coloring Kit

Watch your coloring come to life with this interactive AR coloring worksheet. 

Get started by downloading the Scarlet Macaw coloring worksheet

Next, scan the QR code on the worksheet to install the Quiver AR app

Start coloring your Macaws and watch them fly off the page!

Education Program Package

A Place for Parrots – 60 minutes $150 ($75 for each additional program the same day)

Two educators and an ambassador parrot will visit your students/scouts/group. Through inquiry-based learning, students will explore parrot anatomy, habitats, and threats. We will discuss how Intertwined Conservation makes a difference, and how students can help, as well. If conditions allow, our ambassador parrot will demonstrate several free-flights right over your students’ heads! 

This program also includes an activity supplied and run by our educators.

Options include:

  • – Make red-crowned Amazon paper plate masks
  • – Bird Beak Adaptation Game
  • – Have students write letters/make videos to share with Costa Rican students

Download Education Package Flyer

To book your educational parrot encounter today please send all inquiries to: