Our Partners

Macaw Conservation 

Macaw Conservation  was founded in 2014 to establish a collaboration within the local community to protect scarlet macaws and educate people about their conservation. Macaw Conservation is organized to rescue, rehabilitate and release wild parrots back into the wild in Costa Rica.

SoCal Parrot

SoCal Parrot was founded to bridge the gap of care and consideration for wild, naturalized parrots and to be a resource for wild parrot rehabilitation, education and protection.

Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation 

Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation’s mission is to ensure the prevalence of wildlife and its habitat through interdisciplinary and stable conservation initiatives that promote coexistence with communities and improve decision-making.


ProCAT  is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and conservation of species and ecosystems, including the human component, from an interdisciplinary approach. Their purpose is the conservation of ecosystems, species and cultural riches, integrating scientific, traditional and cultural knowledge; in search of the welfare of both biodiversity and human communities.

Wild Macaw Association

The Wild Macaw Association (Asociación Lapa Silvestre) is a Costa Rican nonprofit for the protection and study of a recently established Scarlet Macaw population in the southern Golfo Dulce area of Costa Rica. This population was established by a reintroduction program that is based in Tiskita Private Biological Reserve.

LVDI International

Dedicated to helping conservationists protect vanishing wildlife and their habitats, while elevating the socioeconomic status of the local people who can and must play an active role in preserving their natural heritage. To this end, LVDI supports conservation initiatives that combine education, with capacity building and research activities.